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Jiwang by P7:1SMA


You may be feeling emotional today. But guess what? You’re allowed to be.

P7:1SMA shares JIWANG, a karaoke dance film about enjoying excessive emotions and a desire to escape.

Be vocal and vulnerable through evergreen Malay jiwang songs from the 80s-90s. Let your guard down in a personalised experience.

“Biar tenang jiwaku…”
“Let my soul rest…”

What is Jiwang?
Jiwang is a Malay slang referring to excessive romantic, anguish and heartbreaking love. The popularity of Jiwang songs (slow rock music) in the1980s-1990s accompanied the growth of the term Jiwang. It describes an individual’s emotional relationship and release with music and can be a social marker (e.g. a Jiwang person).


Concept: Norhaizad Adam
Artist collaborators: Syimah Sabtu, Kow Xiao Jun, Sharul Mohd
Researcher & Translator: Alfian Sa’at

Producers: Hasyimah Harith, Hariz Bakri
Assistant Producer: Sarah Goh
Documentarian: Syarifuddin Sahari

Stage Manager: Adi Aiyad
Lighting Designer: Daryl Norman Soh
Videography: STANDSTILLS
Videographer & Editor: Md Al-Hafiz Bin Hosni
Assistant Videographer: Zac Denver Lee

Pay-as-you-wish: $15, $20, $25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $50
To make our show accessible and affordable to all, we have adopted a Pay-as-you-wish model. If you are feeling generous, please consider the various pricing options. Your contribution will greatly help to protect and take care of those who move and create with us.

Credits: P7:1SMA

Facebook: @p71sma
Instagram: @p71sma

August 17 2020


Start: August 17 @ 12:00 am
End: September 17 @ 11:59 pm
Cost: S$ 15 – S$ 50
Event Categories: Dance, Hot, Performing Arts, Slider Events
Event Tags:art centre, central singapore, contemporary dance, dance, haizad, hariz, jiwang, NAC, p71sma, prisma, shima, Singapore, Singapura, stamford, stamford art centre, tarian
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Jiwang by P7:1SMA

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